Leek and Potato Soup


This soup makes a warming meal on a winter day. But this summer it has been so cold and rainy and this is the perfect dish for warming up. This morning it was only 7 degrees C and our children had promised to make us dinner and they made this delicious and warming soup for us.
I just had to include this in my blog.

Ingredients (serves 4):
3 leeks
1 onion
40g butter
350g potatoes
1 vegetable stock cube
Salt and ground pepper to taste
300 ml milk
Crème fraîche to stir into the top of each bowl
Chopped chives to sprinkle over the top.



Trim the leeks, then cut them into thin slices. Cut the ends off the onion and peel it. Cut it in half, slice it and cut it into small pieces. Put the butter into a large pan.

Cover the pan and cook the leeks and onion on a low heat for 8-10 minutes, stirring with a wooden spoon. When they are soft, switch off the heat. Remember to put the lid back in when you’ve stirred the soup.
Pour 600 ml of boiling water into the jug and stir it until the stock cube has dissolved. Then, add the stock and the chunks of potato to the pan.
Add the bay leaf and a pinch of salt and pepper. Heat the soup until it boils, then turn down the heat, so that it is gently bubbling. Cover the pan with a lid, as before.
Cook the soup for 15-20 minutes, or until the potatoes are soft. Turn off the and remove the bay leaf with a spoon. Then let the soup cool for 15 minutes.
Add half of the food into a food processor and blend it until it is smooth.
Spoon it into a large bowl, then blend the rest. Pour all of the the soup back into the pan. Add the milk and stir it.
Add salt and pepper to taste. For hot soup, gently re-heat the soup until it just starting to bubble. Alternatively, for cold soup, put the soup in fridge to chill.
Serve with some fresh bread.


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