Baked Figs with Serrano Ham and Goat Cheese

imageI love figs and I am so happy each year when I can get fresh figs at the supermarket.
Sweet figs wrapped in salty Serrano ham, filled with soft goat’s cheese and finished with a drizzle og thyme and lavender infused honey it is the perfect starter for warm and sunny summer evenings.

Ingredients (serves 4):
8 large ripe figs
16 thin slices of Serrano ham
60g soft French goat’s cheese
Pinch black pepper

2 sprigs fresh thyme
Lavender flowers
6 tablespoons of Akasie honey

Preheat Oven to: 200 °C/pre-heated Fan oven: 180 °C.
Wash and dry the figs.
Remove the stalks and cut the figs in half.
Take some goat cheese and lay it on the flat top of the fig.
Take a slice of the Serrano ham, and wrap one piece around each fig. Place the wrapped figs in the oven in a heatproof dish and bake for 15-17 minutes. To make the glaze, place the honey into a small pan and add the herbs, heat until the honey is slightly thinner.

To serve: drizzle over the honey glaze and serve 4 figs per person with some fresh bread. Serve immediately.




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